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BluBird heavy duty 18 gauge powder coated reel is wall and workbench mountable with smooth uncoil and rewind mechanism. The spring loaded tension brake controls the release of the hose for smooth and safe operation while the spring loaded locking pin allows to lock the drum in place once the desired hose Length is reached. The solid Brass swivel ensures leak-free operation when working pressure does not exceed 300 psi. BluBird 50 feet 3/8 inch premium rubber air hose is 40% lighter, stronger and backed with industry leading 10-year warranty. The hose is extreme weather resistant that remain flexible even at -50°F and equipped with 3/8" M-NPT and Intlet 3/8" F-NPT + 1 x 3/8" NPT to 1/4" NPT Reducer to connect variety of tools.

  • 1 year limited warranty on Reel. 10 year warranty on hose.

  • Reel holds 50 feet of a 3/8 air hose.

  • Solid brass swivel prevents against leaks.

  • Hand crank with spring loaded axle for essy winding.

  • 40% lighter hose by BluBird.

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