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Rubber Garden Hoses

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Product Overview

Our water hoses are made of 100% rubber and offer durability and flexibility while being 40% lighter than standard rubber hoses. Thus, they ensure ease of handling and transport without compromising on performance or reliability. These lightweight and sturdy hoses are ideal for a variety of watering tasks in gardens, yards, and other outdoor spaces....

Product Features

  • 10-year limited warranty.
  • 100% rubber construction.
  • 40% lighter hose than standard rubber hoses.
  • 3/4″ GHT plated brass fittings.  3/4" Male GHT x 3/4" Female GHT.
  • High-strength polyester woven braided reinforcement.
  • 500 PSI working pressure.
  • 3:1 Safety factor.
  • Maintains integrity under extreme weather conditions.
  • Handles hot water up to 212°F.
  • Flexibility from -50°F to +190°F.
  • Ozone resistant and withstands ozone exposure for long-lasting durability.
  • Abrasion resistant which ensures longevity even in harsh environments.
  • Kink Resistant, thus maintains flexibility and flow without kinking
  • 4-finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose.

Types of Garden Water Hoses Available at BlueHose

50 ft Garden Hose

A 50 ft garden hose will provide you with the optimal length for medium-sized gardens and outdoor watering tasks.

25 ft Garden Hose

This water hose length is perfect for small gardens, balconies, or patio watering needs, and offers compact convenience.

15 ft Garden Hose

This length is ideal for watering plants in confined spaces such as terraces or small flower beds.

150 ft Garden Hose

A 150 ft garden hose offers extensive coverage for large gardens or landscaping projects, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

100 ft Water Hose

A 100 ft garden hose provides a versatile length for various outdoor watering applications, from gardens to lawns.

3/4 Water Hose Reel

This water garden hose reel accommodates 3/4-inch hoses for organized storage and easy access, keeping your hoses tangle-free.

Essential Add-Ons for Your Garden Hose Purchase

Avagard 9 Mode Garden Hose Metal Spray Gun with Adjustable Patterns

This Avagard spray gun is made from heavy-duty metal and has 9 different spray patterns which make it an efficient tool for gardening and watering. You also get adjustable settings for different pressures and a 1-year warranty.

BluShield Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adapter Set

Our Blushield Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adapter Set is the perfect hose connection for efficiency and convenience. Crafted with precision brass construction, these adapters ensure leak-free, durable performance, ideal for pressure washer supplies and garden hoses.

Avagard 8 Mode Garden Hose Spray Gun with Adjustable Patterns, ErgoFlow Saves Water

The Avagard hose nozzle offers a heavy-duty ergonomic design with 8 spray modes for efficient and enjoyable use. It has options like jet, mist, and shower patterns for various tasks, from cleaning to watering plants. Moreover, its adjustable settings cater to different pressure needs, making it a versatile choice for gardening and washing. Read more about the Top 10 best garden hose nozzles to buy in 2024.

Avagard Quick Connect Plug 3/4" Male GHT Universal Connect Plug

Another great add-on for your garden hose is our quick-connect universal plug. It effortlessly connects to the female 3/4" end of watering tools like spray guns and sprinklers, with a pre-fitted coupling for quick attachment.

Avagard Quick Connect Plug 3/4" Female GHT Universal Connect Plug

The Avagard Quick Connect plug features durable solid brass construction and standard 3/4" GHT fittings. It effortlessly attaches to the female 3/4" end of watering tools like spray guns and sprinklers, with a pre-fitted coupling on the other end.

Avagard 3/4" Male GHT Universal Quick-Connect Coupler

The Avagard Quick Connect male coupler features standard 3/4" durable solid brass construction and GHT fittings. Moreover, it fits all types of garden hose faucets, watering equipment, and connectors. The quick-connect design streamlines watering connections, saving significant time

Avagard 3/4" Female GHT Universal Quick-Connect Coupler

The Avagard Quick Connect plug streamlines watering tool attachment to hoses. Made of durable solid brass with standard 3/4" GHT fittings, it easily connects to the female 3/4" end of tools like spray guns and sprinklers.

5 Tips to Choose the Right Garden Water Hose for Your Gardening Needs

1. Consider Hose Material

Opt for durable materials like rubber or reinforced vinyl to withstand regular use and varying weather conditions.

2. Check the Hose Diameter

Select the appropriate diameter based on water flow needs; a larger diameter offers higher water volume for tasks like watering large gardens.

3. Evaluate Hose Length

Measure the distance from your water source to the farthest area of your garden to ensure the hose length provides sufficient reach without unnecessary extra length.

4. Look for Kink Resistance

Opt for a hose with kink-resistant technology to avoid frustrating water flow interruptions, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Read our blog to discover 15 Ways to Increase Garden Hose Water Pressure.

5. Assess Fittings and Attachments

Ensure compatibility with your existing watering tools by checking hose fittings and attachments, such as quick-connect systems or nozzle compatibility, to streamline your gardening tasks.

How to Store your garden hose the right way?

If you want to prolong the life of your hose and ensure it stays in perfect working condition, then it is a good idea to follow the tips mentioned below.

Drain the Hose: Before storing, disconnect the hose from the water source. This will allow any remaining water to drain completely to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Coil the Hose Properly: Coil the hose in large loops or figure eights to avoid kinks and tangles. Avoid sharp bends that could weaken the hose over time.

Use a Hose Reel or Hanger: Invest in a hose reel or wall-mounted hanger to keep the hose off the ground and neatly stored. This helps prevent damage and prolongs the hose's lifespan.

Store in a Sheltered Area: Choose a cool, dry, and sheltered spot, such as a garage or shed, to store the hose away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Read our detailed blog on how to store your garden hose safely.

Maintenance & Care Tips

Regular Cleaning: Clean the hose periodically with mild soap and water to remove dirt, debris, and residue, preventing clogs and prolonging its lifespan.

Inspect for Damage: Check the hose regularly for signs of wear, such as cracks, splits, or leaks. Replace damaged sections promptly to prevent further deterioration. 

Avoid Overexposure: Protect the hose from prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions, which can degrade the material over time.

Store Properly: Follow proper storage practices to prevent kinks, tangles, and damage. Use a hose reel or hanger to keep it neatly stored and off the ground when not in use.

For a detailed guide, read our blog. https://thebluehose.com/blogs/news/garden-hose-buying-maintenance-guide-2024

How to repair your garden hose?

To repair a garden hose you can start by locating the damaged area and using a hose repair kit or mender to fix the damage. For larger damages, like splits or cracks, you can use a hose repair tape or patch kit. Wrap the tape tightly around the damaged area or apply the patch according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once repaired, it is a good idea to test the hose for leaks before you use it again.

Warranty information

Our garden hoses come with a 10-year warranty, offering you peace of mind and long-term protection and support for your investment.

Refund Policy

We have a 30-day return policy on our garden hoses. Thus, if you are unsatisfied, you can return the unused product in its original packaging within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. This ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in your purchase.

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