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Introducing the Blushield Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adapter Set, a game-changing solution to accelerate your garden hose connections. Engineered for seamless conversion, these garden hose quick disconnect adapters redefine convenience by transforming your standard garden hose into a high-efficiency quick disconnect system, streamlining the process of adapter change-outs. Crafted with precision, the brass garden hose quick disconnect set features a meticulously designed brass socket furnished with a recessed washer for a leak-free seal, alongside a robust brass plug. Effortlessly achieve swift and secure garden hose connections, ensuring efficient workflows for all your watering needs. Engineered for durability, the heavy-duty brass construction of these adapters guarantees a long-lasting performance that withstands the test of time. Ideal for connecting pressure washer supplies, garden hoses, or various accessories, this adapter set offers versatility at its finest. The quick disconnect feature empowers you to effortlessly switch out accessories, while the set's undeniable durability ensures consistent reliability. Please remember that this product contains chemicals acknowledged by the state of California as potentially causing cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Prioritize safety by washing your hands after use.

  • Streamline garden hose connections with the Blushield Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adapter Set.

  • Seamlessly convert your garden hose into a rapid quick disconnect system.

  • Robust brass socket with a recessed washer ensures a leak-free fit.

  • Heavy-duty brass construction guarantees adapter longevity and durability.

  • Ideal for connecting pressure washer supplies, garden hoses, and various accessories.

  • Effortless accessory changes facilitated by the quick disconnect feature.

  • Safeguard your health by washing hands after use due to potential chemical exposure.

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