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Pressure Washer Hoses

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Product Overview

Our pressure washer hoses are manufactured using 100% rubber and are reinforced using Aramid fibres which makes them 35% lighter than standard rubber, while also being heavy-duty and durable in nature. This innovative combination of materials ensures maximum performance and longevity, and allows you to tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks with ease and confidence. Read more about the top 10 Pressure Washer Replacement Hoses to buyin 2024.


Product Features

  • 100% rubber construction.
  • 35% lighter hose than standard rubber air hoses.
  • 3/8" Male NPT Revolving + Fixed.
  • High-strength polyester braided reinforcement.
  • 4100 PSI working pressure.  16400 Safety Burst Pressure.
  • 4:1 Safety factor.
  • Maintains integrity under extreme weather conditions.
  • Handle Hot Water up to 250°F.
  • Maintain its Flexibility even at -20°F.
  • Ozone-resistant, abrasion-resistant and kink resistant.
  • 4-finger grip bend restrictor for better use & easier control over the hose.

Types of pressure washing hoses Available at BlueHose

50ft Pressure Washer Hose

Our 50ft Pressure Washer Hose offers versatility and performance for various cleaning projects.

4000 psi Pressure Washer Hose

With a maximum pressure rating of 4000 psi, this variation of our pressure washer hose ensures powerful and efficient cleaning.

200 ft Pressure Washer Hose

Now, you can cover more ground without sacrificing performance with our 200 ft Pressure Washer Hose.

100 Foot Pressure Washer Hose

Experience extended reach and reliable performance with our heavy-duty 100 Foot Pressure Washer Hose.

75 ft Pressure Washer Hose

Optimize your cleaning efficiency with our 75 ft Pressure Washer Hose, which offers a perfect balance of length and power.

25 ft pressure washer hose

Our 25 ft Pressure Washer Hose provides convenient portability without compromising on cleaning capability.

Essential Add-Ons for Your Pressure Washing Hose Purchase

BluShield 3000 PSI Metric Pressure Washer Gun

This pressure washer gun is tailored for metric washers and accessories. Its male metric inlet fits hoses with female metric fittings, while the female metric outlet connects directly to metric wands. Equipped with a safety trigger lock, it ensures accident prevention during use. Read more about the Top 10 Best Pressure Washer Spray Guns To Buy In 2024

BluShield 4000 PSI Easy-Lock Metric Quick Disconnect Replacement Pressure Washer Wand

Our quick disconnect replacement pressure washer wand features a male metric x 1/4" Easy-Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) for effortless attachment to various pressure washer accessories and wands. Moreover, with its innovative locking collar design, you can achieve secure, tool-free connections with just one hand, ensuring seamless operation every time.

BluShield Female Metric x 3/8" Quick Disconnect Plug/Socket Pressure Washer Adapter Set

This quick disconnect plug/socket pressure washer adapter set is designed for easy and efficient connection changes. This set features a 3/8" plug/socket combination that simplifies the conversion process for metric gun and wand systems. It allows you to quickly switch male and female metric connections to 3/8" quick disconnect connectors, offering convenience and versatility.

BluShield Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adapter Set

Now you can say goodbye to slow connections with our Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Adaptor Set - simply attach and detach with ease. Transform your standard garden hose into a quick disconnect system for effortless adapter change-outs and efficient watering.

Blushield High-Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit

The Blushield High Pressure Hose Quick Connect Kit – your ultimate solution for seamless and efficient pressure washer connections. Designed for durability and precision, this kit fits perfectly and ensures rapid, long-lasting fittings. Suitable for pressure washers up to 4,000 PSI, it enhances your outdoor cleaning tasks.

BluShield Male Metric x 1/4" Female Pipe Thread Pressure Washer Adapter

This pressure washer adapter is your ultimate solution for seamless hose and accessory connections. This adapter effortlessly converts hoses and accessories with male pipe threads into a male metric connection, enhancing compatibility. Its user-friendly design with a convenient hex nut ensures easy installation. Crafted for durability, this adapter is built to withstand the demands of intense pressure washer applications, offering long-lasting reliability.

BluShield Hot Water Pressure Washer Gun with Vented Lance, 5000 PSI

Achieve pro-level cleaning with the BluShield Pressure Washer Spray Gun and Lance combo. Designed for high-temperature jobs, the spray gun handles up to 320°F at 5000 PSI and 10 GPM. Its wide grip area accommodates work gloves, ensuring comfort during extended use.

Pressure Washer Jumper Hose

The BluShield Pressure Washer Jumper Hose is designed to connect your pressure washer to the hose reel. These whip hoses are braided with Aramid fibers, also known as Kevlar, making them 35% lighter than other pressure washing hoses while remaining heavy-duty. Aramid fibers are renowned for their durability and extraordinary tensile strength, being up to 10 times stronger than steel fibers of the same diameter.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Your Pressure Washing Hose

Consider these key factors when buying your pressure washing hose:

Durability: Look for hoses made of high-quality materials like rubber or reinforced thermoplastic for longevity.

Pressure Rating: Ensure the hose can handle the pressure output of your pressure washer to avoid damage or leaks.

Length: Choose a hose length that suits your cleaning needs and provides sufficient reach without unnecessary excess.

Flexibility: Opt for a hose with flexibility to maneuver around obstacles easily and prevent kinking during use.

Compatibility: Check compatibility with your pressure washer model and any additional accessories you plan to use.

Connections: Consider the type of fittings and connectors on both ends of the hose to ensure they match your equipment.

5 Simple Ways to Store a Pressure Washer Hose

Below, are 5 simple ways to store your pressure washer hose.

1. Wall Mount

Install a hose reel or wall mount to keep the hose neatly coiled and off the ground, minimizing tangles and damage.

2. Hose Reel Cart

Use a hose reel cart to store and transport the hose easily, especially if you need to move it around your property frequently.

3. Bucket or Container

Coil the hose neatly inside a bucket or container to prevent it from getting tangled and to protect it from environmental damage.

4. Pegboard Hooks

Install pegboard hooks on a garage or shed wall to hang the hose vertically, keeping it organized and easily accessible.

5. Coil and Hang

Coil the hose into large loops and hang it on sturdy hooks or nails, ensuring it's off the ground and free from obstructions.

Maintenance & Care Tips

Here are some maintenance and care tips for your pressure washer hose:

Inspect Regularly: Check your hose for any signs of wear, including cracks, leaks, or bulges, and replace it if necessary to prevent accidents and ensure optimal performance.

Clean After Each Use: Rinse off any dirt, debris, or chemicals from the hose after each use to prevent buildup and corrosion, extending its lifespan.

Avoid Kinks: Avoid kinking the hose during use, as this can weaken the material and lead to leaks or damage over time. Coil or hang the hose properly when not in use to prevent kinks.

Store Properly: Store the hose in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent deterioration of the material. Use one of the storage methods mentioned earlier to keep the hose organized and protected.

How to repair your pressure washing hose hose?

To repair your pressure washing hose, start by identifying the damaged area. If it's a minor leak or hole, you can use a hose repair kit, which typically includes a coupling and clamps. If the damage is extensive or the hose is severely worn, it may be best to replace the entire hose to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Warranty information

Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year warranty, covering your pressure washer hose against manufacturing defects and ensuring your satisfaction with every use.

Refund Policy

We have a 30 day return policy on our pressure washer hoses. Thus, if you are unsatisfied, you can return the unused product in its original packaging within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. This ensures customer satisfaction and confidence in your purchase.

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