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Elevate your pressure washing game with the Blushield 3.5 Orifice 25° Quick Disconnect Pressure Washer Spray Tip. Offering a dynamic fusion of precision and versatility, these quick disconnect spray tips empower you to curate the perfect spray pattern for your unique needs. The 25° spray angle, distinguished by its vivid green hue, is tailored to tackle challenging surfaces like bare wood, siding, and fences with ease. This green 25° spray tip is your ultimate tool for achieving exceptional results on surfaces that demand thorough yet gentle cleaning. Seamlessly integrating into your pressure washing arsenal, this spray tip effortlessly connects to pressure washer wands equipped with a 1/4" quick disconnect socket, streamlining your tasks and enhancing efficiency. The quick disconnect spray tips put you in control, allowing you to choose the ideal spray pattern for each specific application. While utilizing this product, remember that it contains chemicals acknowledged by the state of California as potentially causing cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Prioritize your well-being by washing your hands after use.

  • Dynamic 25° spray tip optimized for bare wood, siding, fences, and similar surfaces.

  • Effortless connection to pressure washer wands featuring a 1/4" quick disconnect socket.

  • Tailor your spray tip pattern selection to your precise application requirements.

  • Striking green color ensures easy identification and accurate usage.

  • Promote safety by washing hands after use due to potential chemical exposure.

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