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BluBird wheel chock are designed for heavy duty loads for all weather and all surfaces.  The wheel chocks are heavy enough to stay put while not too heavy to move around easily. Heavy duty nylon rope adds rubber wheel chocks convenience for placement and carry.  High visibility safety reflective tapes ensure a safe working environment.

Triangular design with ribbed and textured at the bottom offer the desired grip and friction stronger that lets you quickly chock a full axle of tires.  Rust and corrosion resistant eyebolts provide a way to pull out quickly as well as rope them together to create a double wide chock for extra large wheels.

BluBird wheel chocks are made of heavy-duty 100% rubber with nonslip ridges for a superior grip, the wheel chocks are UV-, oil-, salt- and acid-resistant, making it ideal for use in situations with corrosive chemicals. The wide base provides increased stability and rigidity.


  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Non slip ridges for a firm grip.
  • Heavy duty braided nylon rope helps in placement and carry.
  • High visibility reflective tape for safety and avoid tripping hazards during dark.
  • UV-, oil-, salt- and acid-resistant for use in situations with corrosive chemicals.
  • Wide base for increased stability and rigidity.
  • Heavy duty 100% rubber construction for long life.
  • Unique grip design and Trapezoid void bottom mechanics model, providing non slip grip.

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