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The 5 Piece Tip Adapter Kit is a versatile and essential accessory, designed to enhance the functionality of your air-powered tools. This kit includes three needle tips in varying lengths (1 inch, 2 inches, and 3 inches), a rubber tip, and a tip adapter, providing a range of options to tackle various applications effectively.

  • Modular Accessories System: The Tip Adapter Kit features a unique modular design, allowing customization of the gun extension length and tip selection for specific tasks. Whether you require precision in tight spaces or extended reach for hard-to-access areas, this kit offers flexibility.
  • Needle Tips (1", 2", and 3"): With three different needle tips included (1 inch, 2 inches, and 3 inches), you can easily handle delicate tasks requiring controlled airflow. These needle tips are perfect for detailed cleaning, lubrication, and precise air blow-off.
  • Rubber Tip: The kit also provides a rubber tip, ideal for delicate applications that require gentle airflow. It's well-suited for tasks like applying adhesives or coatings without surface damage.
  • Tip Adapter: The included tip adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of air tools, enabling seamless switching between different tips for added convenience and versatility.
  • Safety Compliance: Prioritizing safety, the 5 Piece Tip Adapter Kit meets or exceeds OSHA standards, ensuring secure and worry-free operation during various pneumatic tasks.

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