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The Avagard hose nozzle is made from heavy duty ergonomi design. The 8-modes, gentle and powerful spray nozzle helps you be more efficient by choosing the correct mode for your activity, makes it a lot more fun and ultimately saves water too. The high-quality nozzle can be used to attach it to any 1/2 inch bore hose or it can be removed to allow the gun to fix to any GHT (the usual) thread fitting.  8 different modes of spraying water make it a no brainer for efficient gardening and washing,  choose from jet, full, mist, flat, vertical, angle, cone, and shower spray patterns in a jiff.  The adjustable settings for variety of pressure from cleaning your patio or car to misting flowers, this spray gun has everything thing.  


  • 1-year unmatched warranty.
  • Heavy duty metal construction with rubber coating over handle.  
  • 8 modes -   jet, full, mist, flat, vertical, angle, cone, and shower spray patterns.
  • Adjustable settings for different pressures.  
  • 3/4” Garden Hose Thread (GHT).  No adapter required. 
  • Trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue and longer usage.

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