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Industry leading 1-year warranty. BluShield Non Marking Aramid braided rubber pressure washer hoses are unique and one of its kind. These hoses are braided with Aramid fibers, commonly known as Kevlar which makes them 35% lighter than other pressure washing hose while making it true heavy duty. Aramid fibers are well-known for its durability and extraordinary tensile strength and are up to 10 times stronger than steel fibers of equal diameter. These 100% rubber hoses are extreme weather resistant hoses that can also handles Hot Water upto 250°F while remain flexible in cold weather temperature upto -20°F. Included four finger grip bend restrictors reduces the bending stress near the coupling and increase the working efficiency by adding better control. These hoses have a 4100 PSI working pressure and a 16,400 PSI safety burst pressure (4:1).

  • 1-year warranty.

  • 100% rubber construction.

  • 35% lighter hose than standard rubber air hoses.

  • 3/8" Male NPT Revolving + Fixed.

  • High strength polyester braided reinforcement.

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